• Madison Fouhse

A Day in the Life From Up Above // Learning Project #6

You always see those travel bloggers & influencers taking just aesthetically pleasing flat lay style pictures. My instagram is usually flooded with pictures of peoples food, books, or art from an above angle like ...


I was curious how to achieve the perfect flat lay look so I wondered over to the Apple Workshop Website to learn how to align the perfect flat lay photo. AND this is what I learned...

Step One: Turn on the 6 square grid. Go to settings - camera - turn grid on

Step Two: Avoid overhead lighting! You do not want to see your arm or head in the image you are trying to take.

Step Three: Line up the cross hairs to ensure that your photo is centred.





Super easy concept that really got my creative juices flowing. The first day I tried to take overhead pictures I tried making aesthetically pleasing flat lays like those above. Well let me tell you those did not turn out the way I was expecting. I definitely needed different supplies to make the focal point stand out. I realized that instead of trying to copy/recreate another persons work that I needed to go on my own journey of the overhead shot. Soooo, with the thought of my own journey I thought I would document a day in my life through overhead shots.

Image 1 : On my morning walk I came across some litter next to my walking path. ( I picked it up and put it into the garbage, don't worry)

Image 2 : On the same walk I saw a cart frozen in the ice and thought it was such an interesting concept. This one was really hard to capture and I did not get the cross hairs to line up due to a large great dane attached to a leash on one arm as well as trying not to get to close to the ice to make sure I didn't go through.

Image 3 : One of my favourite places to stroll through is the book store. I definitely got a few weird looks when taking this overhead photo because I am only 5'1" so to get an overhead like this I had to go full tippy toe!

Image 4 : Before I head to class my routine is to stop in at Stone's Throw Coffee Collective and get some work done. My favourite drink is the Matcha Latte w/ Almond milk and I ALWAYS get their puff wheat square cause how could you not.

*disclaimer: These photos were taken before the Covid-19 pandemic and I have been safely practicing social distancing.

The editing process was pretty easy for these 4 images. I went into LightRoom like usual and applied my preset that I titled "SHINE" to all of them. Because they were all taken in different light I had to adjust the exposure, contrast, vibrance, and temp.

Please let me know in the comments if you are wanting to see a tutorial video on how I edit my photos in LightRoom! I have been learning so much about LightRoom and definitely haven't even scraped the surface as to all that it can do for my photography. Looking forward to learning and experimenting more!