• Madison Fouhse

Annnnnndd It Went Like // Learning Project #5

Ahhh the coveted Tik Tok. A place where individuals of all ages find themselves scrolling for entertainment, inspiration, comedic relief, hacks, etc. I like so many others have fallen into deep depths of Tik Tok and LOOOOVE ITTTT. So for this week's learning project/weekly post I went to Tik Tok to showcase some recent photos I have taken. BUT, I had absolutely no idea where to start or how do edit the video to how I wanted so I went right to the source and started scrolling on Tik Tok to see if I could find any resources that may help me. I came across a video created by a girl that goes by @jera.bean and found exactly the steps I was needing in order to create the video I was wanting.

I did every step she said, I downloaded the app Splice and got to creating. I would have been so lost if it wasn't for Jera and her helpful video. As I watch Tik Tok's on the daily I bookmark audio that I like or think I could make a Tik Tok with in the future. The audio that I thought would be perfect is the audio that is titled "And it Went Like". The Tik Tok turned out way better than I thought would.

The pictures I had chosen were from a fun little shoot I did with my roommate/best friend Shakara. I wanted to try and do some photos with props and someone actually posing as I haven't done that kind of photography before. We grabbed her freshly washed comforter, laid it on our living room floor, cut up dying flowers we had and got to work! I got so many beautiful photos that I am really happy with. I went into Lightroom to edit the photos that I liked the best. I usually go for a bright high exposure and low contrast photo but this time with the vibe of the photos I went for a more romantic and dark edit. I did this by playing around with highlights and shadows which was a new thing for me! I lowered the highlight and increased the shadow to achieve my desired look.


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