• Madison Fouhse

Hello Feedly, Nice to Meet You.

This past week in my EDTC 300 course we were prompted to join the site You've never heard of it either? I took the plunge, signed up and began staring blankly at this complete foreign site on my laptop.

Step one was to create a feedly .. feed? I think that is what it is called. Please correct me if I am wrong. I went straight to the search bar and typed in "Education" as my key word. Of course the first one to pop up is none other than TED Ed. TED Ed if are knew to the education world is the education based side of TED Talks. It is a place for passionate individuals to share their thoughts on a multitude of education based things through speech in front of a world wide audience. After I got lost in the world of TED Ed I wandered to the Teachers Tech feedly/youtube page. Through taking this EDTC course I am finding myself diving deeper into a lot of educational based technology and this site has sparked a lot of interesting thoughts and resources for me.

BUT, I am not all education. I have a lot of other interests as well that help me become a well rounded learner. So I ventured back to the search page and dived into the categories; Science and Culture. There I found so many pages that peaked my interest and added quite a few to my feed.

With my feed now created I went a scrolled through my time line for ONE WHOLE HOUR. I could not believe how easily available all of the relevant information to my life was. One week in of using Feedly and it is slowly being included into my everyday news routine.


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