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HOME: the series // Learning Project #2

Hello fine folks,

So took a little detour from my original plan of photography due to this immense wave of creativity that came over me the past few days. Over Christmas I went to see my sister in Calgary and stopped quickly into the Apple store. During our lil visit a man was presenting on how to take the perfect selfie with the Iphone. I immediately checked out of his speech as I have no interest in upping my selfie game. BUT, he caught my attention at the end of his workshop, he had said that he would be back with more Iphone photography tips at later dates. This is where I got the idea that I could do this learning project solely on my Iphone 11. SOOOO, I went over to the apple website and found so many resources as to how to effectively use your Iphone camera. This week I just focused on:

  • how to edit depth control.

  • how to edit a portrait selfie

  • how to shoot a bold and simple image

My goal is to successfully check off every single one of their workshop videos and expand that knowledge even more. I created this series I am about to share with the intention of having a base starting point in a lot of different photography areas as well as diverse lighting for editing. I thought if I were to start with a series and end with a series we can see the growth that I endure as an Iphone photographer. In terms of editing these photos I have used Lightroom for the past couple months. I purchased a set of presets from an instagram influencer that I follow and used those as a basis for my editing. After applying a preset I fiddles with the lighting (exposure, highlights, contrast, etc.) and the colour (temp, tint, vibrance) until I got my desired look. Editing photos is waaaaay more relaxing and inspiring than I would have ever thought. My end goal for the editing process is to find my desired theme without the help of presets.

HOME: the series

"We leave something of ourselves behind when we leave a place. We stay there, even though we go away, and there are things in us that we can find again only by going back there."

- Pascal Mercier

This series was inspired by my impromptu 5 hour road trip to my home town to visit my Mom & Dad. My parents have always been my best friends and #1 supporters in life and I definitely would not be where I am today with out their constant love and support. Through these pictures you will see things such as the town rink, my k - 12 school hallway, the roads I played on then drove on, my Momma at work and the home I grew up in. The common theme between all of these places is they are all places I felt safe, warm, happy but also all the places that I learnt the most from. Whether through good times or bad they helped me become who I am today and I am eternally grateful for the life I live. As an adult I C R A V E to come home for a mental detox, to feel connected to my roots and remind myself why I am doing what I am doing and how far I have come and where I want to go from here.


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