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Mission Ridge in Portrait // Learning Project #3

Hello fine folks, I have been feeling so creative these past couple weeks but just keep forgetting to post all my photos after I edit them. So with that being said I am a little behind on posting my photos but I have just been putting a lot of thought as to how I can progress as a self proclaimed Iphone Photographer.

With this series "Mission Ridge in Portrait" I focused on the Apple workshop "How to Edit a Portrait Selfie. With this workshop I learned the steps to take the perfect portrait photo.

1. Photo/selfie

2. Edit

3. Lightning

4. Depth

5. Done

Mission Ridge in Portrait

Six days a week you will find me out at Mission Ridge in Fort Qu'appelle Saskatchewan as a snowboard instructor. This is where I spend almost all of my time in the winter months for the last three years. The amazing people there have become my second family gaining new members each year. I tried to take photos of an individual from each departments at Mission to showcase the beautiful faces you will meet when at the hill.

With these photos I followed the steps above changing a few to contour lighting, natural lighting, and/or stage lighting. I then imported them into Lightroom (the editing software I use) and applied the presets "Bamboo" & "Lifeguard" then adjusted the exposure, contrast and colour hues. I am really enjoying the soft but bright aesthetic that a lot of my photos have.


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