• Madison Fouhse

Practice Week Four

Alright, so this week is the first taste of the final song week.

I had written in my proposal that I wanted to learn “Stubborn Love” by the Lumineers. I had started to dabble into learning the song but come to learn that it was WAY harder than I had anticipated. I started getting frustrated really fast. All of the confidence that I had built up over the last three weeks basically disappeared in the span of 45 minutes. Thought I was way more patient than I am.

Not going to lie this week was the hardest so far. I just did not feel inspired to pick up the guitar. I had told my boyfriend who is a very talented guitar player what had happened and he said: “well how are you supposed to learn any songs if you don’t try, don’t get stuck on one song.” After receiving his advice I went straight to the trusty internet and learned how to play another song that I have always dreamed of playing. The next song I decided to learn was “Bad Moon Rising” by the lovely Creedence Clearwater Revival. This song focuses on the D A G chords which I am extremely comfortable with so my confidence had come back just as fast as it left.

I’m thinking this might be my final song. It needs a little touch of Madison flare though. So maybe that will be my task for next week.

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