• Madison Fouhse

Practice Week One

Well, the guitar is definitely different than my little ukelele.

For my first week learning to play guitar, I focused on the chords D A G. I worked on being able to move from the chords in different patterns efficiently as my little fingers are not used to six strings.

As soon as I was able to go from chord to chord I introduced one simple down strum. As soon as I thought I was ready I began playing along with ‘Jet Plane’ by Chantel Kreviazuk. I started picking up confidence as soon as I was able to keep up with the song. I decided to turn off the song and try to do it myself. I started at a slower pace then began picking up speed. I did not move past just single down strums because I was just too scared to move too quickly. I wanted to keep my confidence as high as possible.

When I started feeling even more confident I began adding in a little vocal. This was a little rough off the start. I forgot from my piano days how hard it is to remember to change chords when you are focused on the vocals. BUT, I got through. After 30 minutes I thought I best not push my luck and put the guitar down after my first successful attempt at playing the guitar with purpose.


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