• Madison Fouhse

Practice Week Six

I think I am ready for some finger picking.

I was recently on a little road trip with my boyfriend and the amazing song “Fast Car” by Tracey Chapman came on through the shuffle. This song has so much meaning and I have always dreamed of being able to play it. So like always the supportive boyfriend of mine said: “ok, let’s learn it”.

We found a video on youtube of a guy going step by step of the fingerpicking first. Oh man, that is no joke. After about an hour I finally got it to sort of sound like the song and I can not even express just how excited I truly was. It is so crazy to me that I can pick up a guitar now and I don’t need my computer to tell me how to play something or what chord is what.

My three-week block is coming up so I am not sure how much I am going to progress throughout but I will definitely be picking up the guitar to perfect this finger picking little riff.


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