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Ready.. Set.. Action // Learning Project #4

This week was SOOOOO frustrating but yet SOOOOO fun.

I wanted to try out the ol' action shot which was a weird challenge on my Iphone. With my Iphone 11 I was super confused as to how to do a burst. The last iphone I had was an Iphone 6s before I had moved to a google pixel and on both of those devices you just held the photo button down and it would take a burst of photos. BUT, with the IPhone 11 that is not the case. If you hold the photo button down it actually starts a video. So when I was laying in the middle of a run at Mission Ridge calling my coworker Megan to turn around me I was actually taking a video without even knowing it. This is where the frustrating part comes to play. We get to the bottom and realize that was an epic fail attempt as we can't grab a good photo from the video that I shot. Up we go back up the lift to try again, this time I gave in and googled how to take a burst on the IPhone 11.

(This is the article I found

Now we are headed up the lift with the actual knowledge of how to use the burst effect on my phone and we are ready to get the perfect shot. Again I find myself laying in the middle of a run with my board off trying to find that perfect angle before Megan drops in. I had a vision of being so close to the snow you can almost feel the texture, snow sparks shooting out from under the skis, and the one that I am shooting being the main focus. I give Megan the thumbs up for her to know I am ready and she drops in. I start the burst pretty early to make sure I get that perfect shot that is engrained in my mind. AAANNNDDD we didn't get that perfect shot. Megan took off her skis and we both hiked back up to save time. My frustration was at an all time high but my persistence was even higher. So for the last drop in we finally got the two shots you see below. This was a huge learning experience in patience for me as we spent a full hour just to get only 2 useable photos. I am so happy with how they turned out that I then lightly forced my other coworker Ethan to through the same process with me but this time only to get one photo... Don't worry I bought them both hot chocolates after for all their help and patience.

Now I use burst all the time to capture fun little moments with friends. My best friend Frishta and I were out for a walk when we walked by this cute bridge that I thought would make a great backdrop for a photo. I didn't want to take just a photo of her posing I wanted to capture her and her bubbly personality all in one. So we played around with some movements and I found these 2 photos in the midst of 76.

I have learned through this week that photography takes a lot of patience. You are not going to get that perfect photo that you are envisioning in the first 2 minutes. It takes time, movement, a change of angles and an open mind!


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