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Same Photos Different Ways // Learning Project #7

Good Afternoon folks,

At the end of my learning project #6 I talked about how much I was wanting to explore out of my comfort zone on LightRoom. Well my friends that is exactly what I did this week for my learning project. I am so happy with how the images turned out!

First step is to take the photos. These were taken in the Qu'appelle valley just outside and in the little Metis village of Lebret. Due this pandemic Mission Ridge was forced to close early for the safety of staff and customers so I made a peaceful road trip out of going to pick up all my gear. I stopped the car on the side of the road just after a bridge over a creek, put my hazard lights on and hopped out of my vehicle to get a few shots. The church that is in Lebret is honestly so beautiful on the outside and even more on the inside. (Highly recommend checking it out yourself!) For the church photos I had the vision of using the grid feature I turned on for last weeks post and getting the church right in the middle of the shot. But as I was playing around with different angles I realized I didn't really like the puddles, mud, construction signs that were around the church and the sky was clear and blue as ever. I am so happy with the way all four photos turned out.

When it came to the editing process I was a little unsure how to edit them or what vibe I was going for as I haven't really captured and edited landscape/outdoor photos yet. When brainstorming I thought about how each photo may look when the same editing features are applied to each of them. DING DING DING Maddy has her idea!

I absolutely adore the look of photos that are shot on film cameras so I thought "hey lets try to recreate that". I had absolutely no idea how I was going to achieve the desired look I was going for but really wanted to play around and figure it out for myself before relying on a tutorial.

Back in December when I first got my Iphone 11 and LightRoom I was playing around and taking a few pictures of my grandma near the lights. I wanted the lights to POP so I started playing around with the basic editing options and ending up really liking the results so I googled how to create my own preset on LightRoom and it turned out to be way easier than I had thought! I ended up saving the preset titled "Christmas". I tend to not use it very often because it make a lot of my photos look pretty dark.

"Christmas" Preset

Here is the photo I took using the preset!

For the first four images I applied the preset - adjusted the exposure - lowered the contrast - turned the shadows up all the way to +100 - turned the whites all the way down to -100 and lastly to get that desired film look I put the grain up to +44

For the last four images I wanted more of a brown neutral look to accent the brown of the trees and the grass. So I applied a purchased preset titled "bamboo" that gives a very bright look and I wanted it even brighter! I applied the preset - turned the exposure up to +0.70 - contrast up to +25 - highlights down to -77 - and whites all the way down to -100 (which means super bright) - I then dabbled with the temp which I never touch and played around with that till I found the perfect colour at +50 into the more neutral tones instead of the cooler tones - I was hungry for bright so I adjust the vibrance to +31 and BOOM the perfect formula. I played around with both of these formulas on a lot of my other photos that I have taken and FOLKS I think I found my perfect formula on two different film desired looks!

Please sift through the slide show below and let me know what you think in the comments below!

I also made an Instagram page for all my photos so those that don't read blogs can still enjoy this new passion I have found! You can follow me @madisonfouhsephoto - original I know.


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